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Everything you need to Travel the World


The travels. As you never dreamed of them. 

A new tool to plan, organize and "dream" travels in total autonomy and avoiding any form of intermediation.


What is triplannerr?

A digital platform entirely dedicated to travel and holidays.

You can register (FREE) and share (or find) all the information you need to organize and plan your trips in total autonomy and avoiding any form of intermediation. 

Qual è la differenza tra un Tour Operator e tutte le persone che vogliono organizzare le proprie vacanze in autonomia?

Professionals are in possession of the INFORMATION.

Tour Operators, Travel Agencies and Travel Agents
they have only one advantage over the others:
are in possession of the information necessary to organize and plan the trips, stays and activities to be carried out once they arrive at their destination.

It is information that makes professionals good and efficient. 

Triplanner will make the information available (free) to everyone. 


The principle of sharing

When we travel we come into possession of valuable INFORMATION that we often no longer use: the Hotel that hosted us, the places where we ate, the Tourist Guide who made us experience unique moments.

So why not share that information to help others have memorable travel experiences?

The Triplannerr project is based on the “Principle of Sharing”. 

Members will be able to tell about their travels and publish every detail of their travel experience. 

At the same time they will be able to query the platform to find the information necessary to replicate the travel experiences experienced by others. 


Mode of Entry

To have access you must be invited. 
After you publish your first
"Travel Report" you have the option to invite a friend. 

In order to invite another friend, the friend you invited must publish their first "Travel Report".  

In our platform we only want people who love to travel and who believe in
"Principle of sharing". 

Do you want to be the first to enter?